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Touch Screen

This display makes it very convenient to check your Muller Energy battery’s state of charge, voltage, current, or temperature!

  • Monitor and manage your Muller Energy battery’s performance with ease.
  • Check the state of charge, voltage, current, and temperature conveniently.
  • Identify potential issues like overcharging or overheating quickly to prevent damage.
  • User-friendly display for easy accessibility and peace of mind.



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Touch Screen: Use with Muller Energy Batteries and JBD BMS

Muller Energy Battery Touch Screen Display

This touchscreen display is designed for Muller Energy batteries with a JBD Battery Management System (BMS). It provides a convenient way to monitor your battery’s health and performance.


  • Check the state of charge (SOC) of your battery
  • View battery voltage and individual cell voltages
  • Monitor current flow (incoming and outgoing)
  • Estimate remaining battery life based on current draw
  • Disable discharge for safe installation or connecting large loads


  • Easy to read and understand information about your battery
  • It helps prevent damage from sparking during installation or load connection
  • Offers increased control and monitoring capabilities

Additional Details:

  • Includes a 2-meter cable for mounting flexibility
  • 5-meter cable available upon request
  • Compatible with most smart JBD BMS (requires contacting the supplier before purchase)

Why Choose Our Touch Screen Display?

  • Intuitive User Experience: Touch screen interaction makes monitoring effortless.
  • Comprehensive Information: Gain valuable insights into your battery’s performance.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Provides additional protection during load connection.
  • Universal Compatibility: Works with various Muller Energy battery models (verify compatibility).
  • Simple Installation: Quick and hassle-free setup with a long connection cable.

Overall, this touchscreen display is a valuable tool for anyone using Muller Energy batteries with a JBD BMS. It allows for easy monitoring and control of your battery, helping to ensure its safe and efficient operation.

Don’t Manage Your Battery in the Dark!

Take control of your battery health with the Muller Energy Battery Touch Screen Display. Experience the convenience of real-time monitoring, enhanced safety features, and a user-friendly touchscreen interface.

Order your Muller Energy Battery Touch Screen Display today and unlock a world of battery management ease!

This can be used with the following batteries:

Please see what Andy from Off-Grid Garage Australia had to say about this screen:


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