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Victron Color Control GX – CCGX

This powerful tool puts real-time monitoring and control at your fingertips-

  • All-in-One Command Center: Manage off-grid power systems easily using the Victron Color Control GX (CCGX).
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Stay informed with up-to-date data on battery voltage, state of charge, solar production, and more.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Access and control all aspects of your power system from a single device.
  • Remote Control Capabilities: You can turn on/off loads, adjust charge settings, and start/stop generators remotely.
  • Optimise Efficiency: Make informed decisions to maximise the efficiency of your power system.



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Victron Color Control GX – CCGX: Your All-in-One System Command Center

Take Control of Your Off-Grid Power with Real-Time Monitoring and Management.

The Victron Color Control GX (CCGX) is the nerve centre of your off-grid power system, offering a comprehensive solution for monitoring, controlling, and optimising your energy usage.

Victron Color Control GX - CCGX: Your All-in-One System Command Center

At-a-Glance System Overview:

  • Gain instant insights into your system’s health with easy-to-read displays showcasing:
    • Battery State of Charge
    • Current Power Consumption
    • Solar Power Generation
    • Mains/Generator Power Input

Effortless Remote Management:

  • Victron Remote Management (VRM): Enjoy complete control from anywhere in the world! VRM allows for:
    • Remote user and installer access for real-time system monitoring and configuration.
    • Hassle-free diagnostics and data analysis for informed decision-making.

Automatic Generator Control:

  • Smart Generator Management: Program the CCGX to automatically start your generator based on pre-set conditions like:
    • Low battery voltage
    • High power demand
    • Specific battery state of charge
    • Quiet-time delay to minimise noise disturbances at night.

Remote Console Access:

  • Control Everything On-the-Go: The Remote Console feature allows you to mirror your CCGX control panel on your phone or other device, providing remote access to critical functionalities.

Remote Boat & Motorhome Monitoring:

  • Peace of Mind Before Your Trip: Remotely monitor your boat or motorhome’s electrical system with the CCGX, ensuring everything is ready for your adventure.
  • Enhanced System Compatibility: Communicate with connected equipment from other manufacturers for a truly integrated system.

Energy Storage System Management:

  • Optimize Your Battery System: The CCGX efficiently manages your Energy Storage System (ESS) by:
    • Maintaining backup batteries at full charge
    • Kicking in seamlessly during power outages
    • Diverting excess solar power for self-consumption and cost savings

Technical Specs: click here

Warranty: 5 Years by Victron Energy

The Victron Color Control GX empowers you to manage your off-grid power system with confidence. Experience the benefits of real-time monitoring, remote control, and automatic operation for a more innovative and more efficient energy experience.

Contact us today to learn how the Victron Color Control GX can revolutionize your off-grid power system! Order now at!


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