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Victron EasySolar 12/1600/70-16 Inverter/Charger with 100/50 MPPT

Victron EasySolar 12/1600/70-16 Inverter/Charger with 100/50 MPPT:

Key Benefits-

  • Inverter, charger, MPPT controller, and AC distribution in one unit.
  • Up to 1600 VA continuous power with high efficiency.
  • Maximises solar energy harvest.
  • Seamless switch between shore and battery power.
  • Optimizes battery health and longevity.
  • Includes RCD and four AC outputs.
  • Easy to install and integrate.
  • Compatible with the Victron VRM portal.
  • Supports various battery types.
  • Overload, over-temperature, and short-circuit protection.

Upgrade your power system with the Victron EasySolar 12/1600/70-16 for seamless energy management. Order now!




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Victron EasySolar 12/1600/70-16 Inverter/Charger with 100/50 MPPT

All-in-One Solar Powerhouse

The Victron EasySolar 12/1600/70-16 MPPT with 100/50 MPPT is your one-stop solution for a smarter, simpler solar energy system. This innovative device combines three powerful functionalities into a single, compact unit:

  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller: This controller harnesses the maximum energy from your solar panels, even in fluctuating sunlight conditions, ensuring optimal battery charging.
  • Inverter/Charger: Seamlessly converts your DC battery power into clean AC electricity to run your appliances and electronics. It can also act as a charger, drawing power from the grid to top up your batteries when needed.
  • AC Distribution: Simplifies wiring with integrated distribution for your AC connections.

Benefits You Can’t Ignore:

  • Effortless Installation: EasySolar boasts a streamlined design that minimises wiring, saving you time and money on installation.
  • Maximum Efficiency: The MPPT controller ensures you get the most out of your solar panels, maximizing your energy production.
  • Uninterrupted Power: Enjoy the peace of mind of automatic switching between solar, battery, and grid power for a seamless experience.
  • Compact Design: This all-in-one unit saves valuable space, making it ideal for homes and applications with limited space.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: 12V DC
  • Output Power: 1600VA AC
  • Maximum Battery Current: 70A
  • MPPT Solar Charger: 100/50A

Why Choose EasySolar?

  • All-in-one convenience: Simplify your solar setup with a single, integrated unit.
  • Unmatched efficiency: Maximise your solar investment with the best possible energy output.
  • Reliable operation: Enjoy peace of mind with a robust and dependable system.
  • Scalable solution: EasySolar can grow with your needs, allowing you to add more solar panels in the future.

Specification pdf: click here

Official Warranty: 5 Years by Victron Energy

Ready to take control of your energy independence?

Get a quote for your Victron EasySolar today and experience the future of solar power! Contact us for a free consultation and see how EasySolar can transform your home into a solar powerhouse.

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