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175A Anderson to 175A & 3x 50A Anderson Fused Converter

Key Features:

  • Input: One 175A Anderson connector
  • Output: Three 50A Anderson connectors, each with its own fuse for safety.
  • Passthrough: One 175A Anderson connector for continued connection
  • Wire gauge: 10AWG for 50A outputs and 4AWG for the 175A input/passthrough (thicker wire for higher current)

Are you tired of complex wiring for your off-grid or mobile power system? The 175A Anderson to 175A & 3x 50A Anderson Fused Converter simplifies and secures your power distribution.


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175A Anderson to 175A & 3x 50A Anderson Fused Converter

75A Anderson to  175A & 3x 50A Anderson Fused Converter is used to manage power distribution in electrical systems, particularly those involving renewable energy sources. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:


  1. This converter makes it a breeze to connect additional chargers or loads to your battery.
  2. It takes one 175A Anderson connector and splits it into three 50A Anderson connectors, each with its fuse. Plus, it also has a 175A Anderson passthrough.
  3. The wires used are 10AWG silicone covered for the 50A Andersons and 4AWG for the 175A Anderson connector.


  1. Versatile Power Distribution: The converter efficiently handles currents of up to 175A while distributing power through three separate 50A circuits. This flexibility allows for tailored energy distribution, optimizing system performance for diverse applications.
  2. High-Quality Construction: Muller Energy’s reputation for reliability ensures that the converter is built to high-quality standards. Its durable construction guarantees longevity and robust performance, providing a dependable solution for power conversion needs.
  3. Enhanced Safety Features: Integrated Anderson fuse technology enhances safety by protecting against electrical faults. This feature safeguards the converter and protects connected systems, reducing the risk of damage or downtime due to unforeseen electrical issues.


  • They are commonly used in renewable energy systems like solar or wind power setups.
  • This can be beneficial in various applications where power needs to be distributed from a single source to multiple devices while incorporating safety measures.

Anderson Fused Converter is an innovative device revolutionizing power conversion in renewable energy systems. Developed by Anderson Power Solutions, this converter integrates advanced fuse technology with efficient power conversion mechanisms, ensuring optimal energy transfer while safeguarding against electrical faults. Its compact design and high-performance capabilities make it ideal for various applications, from solar farms to wind turbines.

The Anderson Fused Converter maximizes energy output and enhances system reliability, making it a cornerstone in the transition towards sustainable energy solutions.

Buy the 175A Anderson to 175A & 3x 50A Anderson Fused Converter from MullerEnergy offers several distinct advantages:


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