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Automotive-grade: EVE LF105 3.2V 105Ah LiFePO4 Prismatic battery cells

Automotive-grade EVE 3.2V 105Ah LiFePO4 Prismatic battery cells


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These automotive-grade cells from EVE are perfect for your next DIY battery project!

EVE is one of the largest and most reputable manufacturer of LiFePO4 cells in the world.
All battery cells we sell come with a guarantee that they will meet their rated capacity.
They come with quality bus bars, as well as nuts.

All cells are tested to confirm that they meet and exceed the specifications below.




  • Nominal: Capacity 105Ah
  • Nominal: Voltage 3.2V
  • Internal resistance: ≤0.5mΩ
  • Weight: 1980 ± 50g
  • Dimensions: 130.3mm x 36.7mm x 200.5mm
  • Charge cut-off Voltage: 3.65V
  • Standard charge current: 0.5C
  • Discharge cut-off Voltage: 2.5V
  • Standard discharge current: 0.5C
  • Continuous discharge current: 1C
  • Peak discharge current (30s) : 2C
  • Charge Temperature: 0°C ~ 45°C
  • Discharge Temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C
  • Storage: 6months @-20~35°C
  • Cycle life: 3000+

EVE-LF105 Specifications


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