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Remote connection panel with screen

Key Benefits of the Muller Energy Remote Connection Panel with Screen:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive touchscreen for easy navigation and control.
  2. Real-Time Monitoring: Access live data on battery status and energy usage.
  3. Remote Connectivity: Manage your battery system from anywhere.
  4. Customizable Settings: Optimize performance with tailored parameters.
  5. Comprehensive Diagnostics: Quickly identify and resolve issues.
  6. Enhanced Integration: Seamlessly connects with other Muller Energy devices.

Experience Superior Control and Monitoring with the Muller Energy Remote Connection Panel with Screen!



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Remote connection panel with screen

The Muller Energy rear panel is exactly the kind of remote connection panel with a touchscreen you’d be looking for when it comes to your Muller Energy battery. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Built-in Touchscreen:

This is the core functionality of the rear panel. It provides a user-friendly interface for:

  • Battery Control:  Effortlessly manage your battery settings, including potentially turning it on/off, adjusting charging profiles, and more (specific functionalities may depend on the battery model).
  • Real-time Monitoring:  Gain instant insights into your battery’s health with a clear view of voltage, temperature, remaining capacity (percentage), and other crucial data points.

Additional Features:

  • USB Charging:  The two USB sockets offer versatile charging options: a USB-A port (18W) and a powerful USB-C port (65W) for directly charging laptops and other compatible devices without needing an additional inverter.
  • Cigarette Lighter Socket:  Connect various low-current accessories like phone chargers or portable coolers for convenient power access.
  • Anderson Power Delivery:  Three Anderson connectors provide high-current connections (up to 50A) for powering fridges, winches, lighting systems, and other high-demand appliances.
  • Internal Power Feed:  An additional 50A Anderson connector allows for a dedicated internal power connection, enhancing system flexibility.
  • Direct Battery Connection:  The included 120A Anderson connector ensures a secure and reliable connection directly to your Muller Energy lithium battery.

Considerations and Benefits:

  • Discount Opportunity: Purchase the rear panel with a Muller Energy battery and get a $50 discount by using the code “RearScreen” at checkout.
  • Standard Screen Removal:  Be aware that the standard screen on your battery might be removed during installation to accommodate the rear panel with its touchscreen. However, the touchscreen on the rear panel becomes your primary control and monitoring interface.

The rear features another 50A Anderson connector outlet for an internal power feed. It also comes with a 60A fuse and a 120A Anderson connector, to connector to connect to your lithium battery.

Overall, the Muller Energy rear panel with its built-in touchscreen transforms your battery into a user-friendly power management hub, offering control, monitoring, and a variety of charging and connection options. It’s a valuable upgrade for anyone seeking a comprehensive and convenient way to manage their Muller Energy battery.

Upgrade to the Muller Energy Remote Connection Panel with Screen for unparalleled control and efficiency. Optimize your energy management today!

Order it together with any Muller Energy battery and receive a $50 discount by using the discount code “RearScreen”. Exclusively at!

Please note that we may take the standard screen from the battery for this purpose.



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