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Redarc Core 40 BCDC – Prewiring $25

Are you tired of complex wiring? 

The Redarc Core 40 BCDC pre-wiring service is here to save the day! This convenient option simplifies the installation of your Redarc Core 40 DC-to-DC charger, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup for your off-grid adventures.



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Redarc Core 40 BCDC – Prewiring $25

Redarc Core 40 BCDC Pre-Wiring: Simplify Installation, Save Time

Upgrading your vehicle’s electrical system with a Redarc Core 40 BCDC charger? Take advantage of the convenient and affordable pre-wiring service for just $25! This service streamlines installation and ensures a seamless connection between your Core 40 unit and essential power sources.

What’s Included:

  • Pre-crimped cables with 50A Anderson connectors for:
    • Solar Input: Connect a solar panel for efficient off-grid charging or supplementary power in remote locations.
    • Starter Battery Input: Draws power from your vehicle’s starter battery for continuous operation and reliable performance.
    • BCDC Output: Delivers charging current to your auxiliary battery system, optimising battery health and lifespan.
  • Default Lithium Mode: Pre-programmed for lithium battery compatibility (can be adjusted if needed).


  • Saves Time & Effort: Skip the hassle of cutting, crimping, and wiring cables.
  • Ensures Secure Connections: Pre-crimped cables guarantee reliable and safe connections.
  • Simplifies Installation: Connects directly to your Core 40 unit for a faster setup.
  • Improves Efficiency: Pre-wired connections minimize voltage loss for optimal performance.
  • Lithium Battery Ready: Pre-programmed for seamless lithium battery integration (adjustable).

Important Note:

  • Additionally, the prewiring service sets the Core 40 to Lithium Mode by default, ensuring compatibility with lithium batteries unless otherwise specified.
  • Please note that the Redarc Core 40 BCDC unit itself needs to be purchased separately to avail of this prewiring service.

Invest in a Hassle-Free Upgrade!

The Redarc Core 40 BCDC pre-wiring service is the perfect solution for anyone looking to simplify the installation of their Redarc Core 40 BCDC charger. Save time, ensure reliable connections, and enjoy the benefits of a pre-wired system.

Order yours today! Exclusively on!



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