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Victron CAN-USB Interface Cable

Victron CAN-USB Interface Cable:

Key Benefits:

  1. Seamless Connectivity: Connects Victron products with VE. Can ports to your computer for smooth communication.
  2. Industry-Standard Protocol: Uses robust VE.Can for reliable device interaction.
  3. Enhanced Integration: Facilitates cohesive power management by linking multiple Victron devices.
  4. Easy Monitoring: Simplifies device monitoring and configuration via computer.
  5. User-Friendly: Quick and easy setup with minimal technical know-how required.
  6. Versatile Compatibility: Works with a wide range of Victron devices.


One CANUSB, part number ASS030532010, contains the CANUSB adapter, two
VE.Can RJ45 terminators and this manual. Drivers and software must be
downloaded from the website.

Optimize Your Power Management with the Victron CAN-USB Interface Cable!



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Victron CAN-USB Interface Cable

The Victron CAN-USB Interface Cable is a connection bridge between your Victron products with a VE.Can port and your computer. VE.Can is a robust industry-standard protocol used by Victron Energy for communication between their devices. Here’s a breakdown of the cable’s functionality and key points:


  • Connects a VE.Can product (e.g., inverter/charger, battery monitor, solar charge controller) to a USB port on your computer.
  • Enables communication between your Victron devices and Victron software for configuration, monitoring, and control.

VE.Can Compatibility:

  • Designed specifically for Victron products featuring the VE.Can communication bus.
  • VE.Can allows multiple Victron devices to communicate with each other on a single network.

Software Compatibility:

  • It works with Victron’s VE Power Setup software, which is downloadable from their website.
  • This software allows you to:
    • Configure settings on your VE.Can devices.
    • Monitor system data like battery voltage, inverter output, and solar charger status.
    • Control certain functionalities of your Victron devices (may vary depending on the specific device).

Benefits of Using Victron CAN-USB Interface Cable:

  • Enhanced System Management:  Provides a convenient way to monitor, configure, and control your Victron system from your computer.
  • Improved User Experience:  Allows for easy access to system data and control options through user-friendly software.
  • Streamlined System Optimization: This enables you to fine-tune your Victron system for optimal performance and efficiency.

Additional Points:

  • Driver Installation: To ensure proper functionality, download and install the latest drivers for the CAN-USB Interface Cable before connecting it to your computer.
  • USB Extension Cable:  Victron advises against using a USB extension cable due to potential signal integrity issues. If a longer cable is needed, consult a qualified installer for proper solutions.
  • VE.Direct vs. VE.Can:  While Victron also offers a VE.Direct to USB interface cable for specific Victron products, VE.Can is generally a more robust communication protocol suitable for larger and more complex systems.

In essence, the Victron CAN-USB Interface Cable is a crucial component for establishing communication between your VE.Can based Victron products and your computer, allowing for system configuration, monitoring, and control through Victron’s VE Power Setup software.

Specification: click here

Warranty: 5 Years by Victron Energy

Upgrade your system today with the Victron CAN-USB Interface Cable. Experience seamless connectivity and superior power management!


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